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Responsible Life Cycle Management of Battery Assets

Our purpose is to help drive a decarbonized economy through enabling safe and sustainable use of battery-based applications or products. Renewance helps companies:

  • Safely recycle or reuse batteries in an economically viable, regulatory compliant and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Manage industrial batteries more effectively and responsibly throughout their active operating life through advanced software solutions and services.

Helping Large Battery Energy Storage Companies Worldwide

Renewance Connect™

Renewance Connect™ is our purpose-built, digital platform for industrial battery life cycle management for clients with battery-based assets. It provides a one-shop-stop solution for decommissioning, collection, and reuse or recycling services from trusted service providers that have the capability and capacity to handle and recycle or reuse end-of-life batteries in the most cost-competitive, eco-friendly and compliant manner.

Our complementary life cycle management solutions enable companies to manage industrial batteries more effectively and responsibly throughout their full life cycle.

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Lithium Ion Battery Use By the Numbers

100s of millions

Advanced industrial batteries being deployed today


Percentage of deployed battery chemistries that is lithium ion based


Growth in annual deployments of lithium ion batteries over the next 5 years

100+ GWh

Lithium ion batteries deployed annually by 2025 in the U.S. market alone

10+ GWh

Lithium ion batteries to be recycled or repurposed annually by 2025 in the U.S. market alone

Managing Battery Assets from
Cradle to Grave

Renewance, an industry-leading provider of productivity software solutions and services for managing industrial batteries responsibly throughout the full life cycle, provides stewardship solutions to industrial battery manufacturing companies, battery energy storage system integrators, and operators of battery energy storage systems.

Renewance Connect™ provides clients who possess battery-based assets with a one-stop-shop solution for the most cost-competitive, eco-friendly and compliant decommissioning, collection, reuse or recycling services from trusted partners. Renewance has the experience to navigate the complexities associated with the reverse logistics and reuse or recycling of end-of-life industrial batteries, and the expertise to safely recycle or reuse batteries in an economically viable and environmentally responsible manner.

Renewance Can Help
Because We’ve Been There

Our company was founded by a team that experienced firsthand the burden of complex regulations governing industrial battery deployment and end-of-life disposition, as well as the lack of end-to-end logistics and recycling service providers able to handle defective, damaged or end-of-life batteries.

Renewance Connect™ identifies cost-effective and compliant logistics service providers and reuse outlets or recyclers — so you don’t have to. Our proprietary algorithms assess the most cost-effective, compliant and environmentally responsible options based on battery type, location, timing constraints and volume aggregation opportunities. Our extensive network of certified partners handles all related battery transportation, reuse and recycling needs. We offer our clients improved productivity and peace of mind by facilitating convenient access to competitively priced, compliant end-of-life services from our certified partners — with the least environmental impact.

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“As an owner, Renewance helped our team better understand the liabilities and opportunities associated with decommissioning our energy storage systems at end of life. Renewance’s battery life cycle expertise and deep market insights provided our team with confidence in our projections.”

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