Renewance ConnectTM

Defective, damaged or end-of-life batteries can pose a risk for personal injury, property damage and environmental damage if not properly recycled or disposed. In the USA, damaged and end-of-life batteries are classified as universal waste. Warehousing, transport and recycling of such waste batteries is governed by a myriad of regulatory requirements. Non-compliance could result in steep financial penalties or even imprisonment.  Identifying safe, compliant and economically viable end-of-life treatment options for industrial batteries is onerous, time consuming and typically not part of your core business activities.

Registered users of the online platform Renewance ConnectTM can trigger a request for quote when they have DDR (damaged, defective, recalled) or end-of-life batteries and receive multiple quotes from registered, reputable waste logistics providers and recyclers, so they can compare and be assured to select and contract the most cost competitive waste logistics provider and recycler. Saving significant time and resources that better can be deployed for core business activities.

How it Works

1Load Batteries
Battery owners load their components into the Renewance ConnectTM portal.  Necessary information includes chemistry, form factor (size & weight), location and Safety Data Sheet.

2Request Quotes
When needed, simply select the batteries that need to be recycled. With a few simple mouse clicks, RFQs will be sent to our certified partners.

3Receive Quotes
Promptly receive your quotes, resting assured that you have received the most competitive pricing from reputable, top tier recyclers. Select the quote that best suits your needs!

4Monitor Progress
Renewance ConnectTM allows you to track progress. All documentation resides in the Renewance Connect portal, satisfying EPA universal waste record-keeping requirements!

Renewance ConnectTM

Battery Recycling at Your Fingertips!