Turnkey Recycling Solutions

It is burdensome to project manage end-of-life liabilities, coordinating the various tasks which would be executed by different parties. Typical activities to manage when you have defect or end-of-life industrial batteries include:

  • arranging hazardous material transport packaging
  • arranging waste permits
  • arranging waste transport
  • arranging recycling
  • managing compliance with applicable regulations

With the involvement of multiple parties and associated required coordination of handoffs, the execution is prone to inefficiencies and failure.

Renewance has in-depth knowledge of the battery chemistries and technologies used for energy storage solutions as well as of the regulations governing its recycling or disposal. This knowhow and our network of logistics and recycling partners enable us to unburden you from the complex and onerous permitting, logistics, recycling and record retention project management activities and deliver you the most cost effective and responsible recycling solutions on a turn key basis. Contact us to learn how we can assist you with your damaged or end-of-life industrial batteries. 

Renewance is a United States Environmental Protection Agency approved importer and exporter of waste.