Lifecycle Services & Solutions

Asset Retirement Obligations

End-of-life battery recycling or treatment costs represent a substantial liability that is often overlooked. Many owners and operators of industrial batteries do not realize that, depending on the applicable jurisdiction, they are burdened by this obligation. Proper accounting practices require to provision for such liability. But how can you quantify the cost of such asset retirement obligation several years out while the battery and recycling technologies as well as the regulations are still evolving?

Renewance has in-depth knowledge of the technologies used for battery energy storage solutions as well as of the regulations governing the recycling or disposal of such materials. This knowhow and our network of logistics and recycling partners enables us to provide you with adequate cost estimates for your liability. Contact us to learn how we can assist you with quantification of your battery energy storage asset retirement obligation.

Regulatory Compliance Management

The regulatory landscape for product compliance, international trade, transport, deployment and particularly end-of-life treatment of industrial batteries is complex. Navigating these regulations and managing the required compliance activities is onerous and the consequences of non-compliance are severe. These regulations affect battery manufacturers, battery energy storage system integrators and owners and operators of battery energy storage systems. For example, cost impact of some of the proposed building and fire safety codes applicable to battery energy storage could be profound, but have not been top of mind at developers, owners and operators. 

Renewance is specialized in reviewing applicable regulations and providing guidance on how to plan and implement responsible energy storage material management prior to the first deployment, during the operational life and at end-of-life. Our expertise and experience in interpreting the global, national and local regulations will ensure that the offered solution is compliant with applicable regulations governing the energy storage materials. Contact us how Renewance can bring you peace of mind and warrant good corporate environmental citizenship.

Renewance ManagerTM

Renewance ManagerTM is a proprietary, custom configurable on-line platform to manage battery energy storage assets throughout the full life cycle. Renewance Manager features:

  • Installed base asset management
  • Real-time monitoring of deployed battery energy storage systems
  • warranty workflow and record keeping
  • performance analytics
  • access to an extensive regulatory knowledgebase with automated compliance alerts.

You can subscribe to various modules to suit your specific needs.

Installed Base Management

The comprehensive overview of all relevant information is conveniently accessible in a single app, so you can respond quicker to operational issues, better plan for maintenance or replacements and get more insights to actual versus expected battery life to improve reliability models and enable potential 2nd life deployments.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring functionality can be configured with alerts which would be triggered by abnormal or undesired operating conditions. With activating a 24 x 7 call center, timely issue resolution and dispatch of field resources would be warranted. The data captured in the module provides valuable input to reliability models.

Warranty Management

Warranty claim submission and approval follow a fully automated process reducing overall cycle time.  Our upfront automated validation process ensures only valid claims are submitted, avoiding needless iterations. Valuable insights into failure modes and the effect of corrective actions can be obtained from the warranty claim information captured.

Lifecycle Management Analytics

The analytics module includes system performance charts. Time series of key parameters which impact the battery life and performance, such as state of charge, temperature, dispatched energy, charge and discharge power are displayed. This enables you to review how the systems have been used relative to contracted operating boundaries.

Regulatory Compliance

This module minimizes your non-compliance risk not just by providing access to an extensive knowledgebase for the regulations applicable to industrial batteries, but also guiding step-by step how to comply. Automated alerts are provided to flag non-compliance risks, e.g. when volume and time thresholds for holding waste on their premise could be exceeded.

End-of-Life Management

The End-of-Life Management module provides self-service functionality to users who wish to manage some or all of the elements of the process themselves.  This module provides access to our network of certified partners and allows users to request Renewance support as needed.  All storage, transportation and recycling records may be stored within Renewance ManagerTM to comply with US EPA record-keeping requirements.